Own a small business? Then you NEED this site!

How many business owners would be comfortable turning over their marketing to a twenty-year-old kid – one without even any marketing experience or degree?

And yet, that’s exactly what most small business owners do when deciding who to have build their website. The marketing aspect of an online presence, takes backseat to the technical aspects. So, it’s no surprise that after a year or two, many small business owners feel that their website isn’t very important to their business.

That’s like saying an automobile with an empty gas tank that you keep in the garage, is not a good transportation option. Of course it isn’t. But if you add a little gas, then turn the key…!

We’ll have information for you here about how to make your website different from most other small business websites – we’ll show you how to make yours Effective and Successful! – in most cases, that means Profitable.

If at any time, you feel this is all a bit too much and that your time might be better spent tending to your business and letting an expert handle your website(s), then browse on over to CompuSolver.com and we’ll be happy to get to work for you!

Just about anyone can make a “pretty” website. But to be successful, your website has to do several things besides being aesthetic –

  • Be a magnet for your potential customers
  • Have content that interests your targeted demographic
  • Motivate those web visitors to become customers

Just three little things, but there’s a careful blend of science and art behind each of them, and like a recipe, a dab too much or too little of anything and it’ll stink.

A successful small business website isn’t a one-time project. If you’re not willing to invest at least an hour or two each week, then either hand this off to a qualified person, or close your shop and get a job!

And what skills/experience should a “qualified” person have?

  • Marketing & Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Skills (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, CSS, HTML & more)
  • Web Security
  • Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, etc.)
  • Art, Graphics, Design

Beyond skills, this person needs to be willing to spend time learning about your business, your target customers, your competition, and your market in general.

They need to understand web reporting and analysis, so they can gauge the progress of your website and make needed adjustments in a timely manner.

95% of your competitors are not doing these things. You can be king of your market, given time, effort and necessary resources if follow the steps we’ll outline here.

Don’t have time? Then checkout the Tampa Web Developers at CompuSolver.com where you can get everything done for just $100/month. But if you want to save money and be a “hands-on” type, then stay tuned and we’ll show you how it’s done.