10 Tips For Branding


1.   Define your brand

Be aware of the specific niche in the market that your brand or service fills.  How do you distinguish your business from your competitors?   Your brand must reflect and appeal to your customers.

2.   BE the customer

To understand your customer, write down the main, distinct customer profiles you want to appeal to.  Then, put yourself in their shoes.  BE that customer.  What do you want?  What do you need?  How do you see this desire or need?  How will you go about seeking and choosing a source?  In the course of this experiment, you may see that you’ll need variations of your brand’s theme and more than one website!

3.   Be consistent

To be effective, your branding must be “sewn” into each and every touch point with your customers.  This will require thorough training of your employees to create your unique “brand experience”.

4.   Logo does not equal Brand

A brand is much more than a logo.  Sure, your logo should reflect your brand, as should your color theme, font selection and everything about your website.  But a brand is more than the look.

5.   Align expectations with your brand experience.

Reinforce the business’ character and clarify its offering so customers have the right expectations from your business.

6.   Brand awareness = your secret sales weapon!

Aim to make your key messages work together to build a coherent identity reflecting your brand.  Subconscious brand awareness reinforces the sales decision and promotes confidence.

7.   Simplify

Simplifying your message will lead to more value being portrayed and give an increased chance of the brand being recalled and recognised by your target consumers.

8.   Be first

About 45 years ago, marketing strategists Al Ries and Jack Trout came up with a way to make a brand memorable — The best way to be remembered is to be first into your prospect’s mind representing a clear perception.  Incorporate your niche, your locale and your uniqueness into your branding to help create a “first” in your customers’ perception.

9.   Write a great tagline

Spend a whole day with three or four friends, family and/or employees discussing how you want to be perceived in public. What is the emotional reaction you want your audience to have when engaging your brand and what do you want them to remember?

10.  Be patient

Take on new products, services, projects and even customers with care.  If a customer isn’t a good fit, send him elsewhere.  You want testimonials, not negative feedback.  Think of your business as your baby.  You wouldn’t start giving solid food to a three-month-old.  Don’t rush things.  Move with care and thoughfulness.